Educational online game for kids

Moscow Museum of Modern Art is pleased to present its first educational online game “PLAYMMOMA”! The game is designed as a fascinating interactive guide that introduces kids aged 6+ and their parents to the world of contemporary art.

Here children can:

Children with good reading skills could play by themselves, while others will need assistance.

The online game “PLAYMMOMA” is based on the 3rd thematic display of MMOMA “If I Only Knew!..” (2010-2011).

The pilot version of the game, with two active sections out of six (“My Museum” and “New Picture”), was financed by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. In June 2014, the online game project became the winner of the grant competition “A Changing Museum in a Changing World” in the nomination “Museum Educational Programs”.

Please note! The online game is developed for desktop computers and tablets. On smartphones it functions in a limited mode.


MMOMA Research Department: the game’s concept / texts Anna Arutyunyan, Andrey Egorov (Head of Research Department), Ekaterina Kuzmina, Katerina Zaitseva (Project Supervisor)

MMOMA Education Department: methodological support Tatiana Bagaeva, Polina Zotova, Maria Osetyanskaya, Alexandra Vinogradova

Technical Development / Design Bobaka


Anastasia Beltyukova and the 5th grade of the Pirogov School
Alexey Bokov
Nikolay Gladkov
Svetlana Churbanova
Olga Danilkina
Yulia Grozovskaya
Irina Lapidus
Nadezhda Maximova
Maria Nebolsina
Vladimir Opredelenov
Nikolay Selivanov
Anna She and the SAMO art therapy studio
Anna Sherbakova
Oleg Stavitsky
Nina Subbotina


Zurab Tsereteli

Executive Director
Vasili Tsereteli

First Deputy Director
Manana Popova

Deputy Director
Lyudmila Andreeva

Development Department
Kira Sacarello-Tsereteli, Elena Akulova, Alexander Tikhonov

PR and Communications Department
Veronika Kandaurova, Anna Gvasaliya

Chief Conservator
Elena Nasonova

Head of Conservation Department
Yulia Matveeva

Exhibitions Department
Alexey Novoselov, Yuri Kopytov

Legal Department
Yulia Penzova, Olga Stanovkina

Olga Shakhova, Irina Mineeva

Planning Department
Lyudmila Plakhtiy, Andrey Petlyuk

Contracts Service
Felix Strelkov

Maria Doronina, Diana Dzhangveladze, Anna Chuichenko

Andrey Kozhokhin

Sergi Shagulashvili, Alexander Sukhov

Graphic Design
Elena Pogodina